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Hello! My name is Mrs. Katie Stewart. I am the art teacher at Long Middle School. I will be teaching art for grades 6-8 and Spanish for 8th grade. 
I grew up and lived in Pennsylvania until 2020. I lived and worked in a small town called Waynesburg near Pittsburgh. I am a Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Pirates fan. In my family, there is me, my husband Mr. Stewart (who is teaching at the high school), our toddler Izzy (short for Isabella), our new son Colin, and our dogs Spike and Shiloh. We moved into Cheraw in August 2020.
I have taught in public school for over ten years. At Long Middle, I am currently teacher art for grades 6-8 and an Introduction to Spanish class for 8th grade. I have a Masters in Education, hold my endorsement for Gifted and Talented Education, and am finishing my endorsement for STEAM Education.
As for art, I am an avid crocheter and drawer. I also love watercolors and I enjoy painting. In addition to those I also am familiar and comfortable with colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels, clay work, and printmaking. I hope to do all of these activities with the students, but it will be stretched out over the three years they are with me. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I am most easily reached by email or text message but I also try to return phone calls promptly. 
Phone: 843-921-1010 x1450 (School)
                 843-910-6168 (Cell phone)