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Language Arts

Donna Teal

Long Middle School

Cheraw, SC 29520

843.921.1010 ext. 1109

Hi! Welcome to the seventh grade. I am looking forward to a great school year with your child. This year your child will be involved in exciting classes. The seventh grade teachers have planned field trips, and we will be engaging students in activities which will stimulate each child’s learning style.

          I encourage parents to take part during the school day. Call the number listed above if you can help. I can use tutors, mentors, guest speakers, and helpers.

I will send home a grade report with grades, independent reading projects (one will be due before interim time, and one will be due a week before report cards), and notes on behavior at interims and end of nine weeks’ period. The school offers PowerSchool which allows parents to view their child’s grades at any time by computer. You may sign up through the school’s office.  The report is to be signed and returned.

     Homework will be given nightly Monday through Thursday. If homework is not completed, your child will serve lunch detention. If three assignments are not completed, you will be notified. Students will have at least four tests each nine weeks’ period.  Studying and being prepared is the key to success.

     Your child will need a 3-pronged folder which will be used as a writing portfolio this year and a pocket folder for keeping reading log in. This folder will be left in the classroom so that students can access it as needed. Students will view and file graded papers in the class. These will be sent home with interims and report cards.

The following grade scale will be used:

Class work/projects        30%             Independent Reader         10 %

Quizzes                          10%              Homework                       10%

Tests                              40%            

Chesterfield County’s grading scale will be used to determine letter grade.


I will be available to give extra help on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-7:40. You may schedule a conference Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings 8:15-9:15 or after-school on Mondays or Thursdays.




General Requirements for Language Arts and Reading Classes:

  1. Participate in class work and board work.
  2. Complete vocabulary lessons when assigned.
  3. Read library books and have a book to read at all times.
  4. Complete reading projects (one before interims and one before report card.) Scoring rubric will be given.
  5. Take and keep notes.
  6. Follow all classroom rules.

Class Rules:

  • Be prepared: loose-leaf paper, pencils, notebook, and homework.
  • Bring library book to every class.
  • Have planner at all times.
  • Homework must be brought to class. Students will not be allowed to go to lockers to get homework.
  • If your child is absent, it is their responsibility to make up the work they missed. They have five days from the day he/she returns to make up work. I am available after-school.
  • All pencils are to be sharpened when entering class.
  • Restroom visits are limited to class change unless it is an emergency.
  • Reading should be started as soon as class starts.
  • Brushes, combs, picks, and make-up are not allowed in class.

Independent Reading

          Students will be required to read 10 books each nine weeks’ period on their own. Two projects will be assigned as a grade, which will count as 10% of your child’s final grade. Students must log-in, read in class, and at home.

Supply List
            1 1/2  -2 in Binder
             Loose leaf paper
             Marble Notebook
             3 Prong Folder
*Daily Language Review sheet- Monday Through Thursday
*Read 20 minutes daily
*Write a reader's response-1/2 written page