Long Middle School

7th Grade English Language Arts

In 7th Grade English Language Arts classroom students will be exposed to a wide variety of literature, through course work, class novel studies, literature circles, and independent reading.  We will spend a good deal of time writing, and exploring various writing styles. Students are expected to work both independently and collaboratively to reach our class goals. 


Students will refine their reading preferences and lay the groundwork for being lifelong readers. Seventh-grade students will apply skills they have acquired in the earlier grades to read and interpret more challenging texts.


Reading, Writing, Research and Speaking are vital to the English Language Arts Classes.  In challenging our students to become lifelong readers, Long Middle School has developed a reading plan. This year all students will read a variety of genres each nine weeks. Students will read in class and at home. Your child should spend at least thirty minutes a night reading. You can aid your child by monitoring their reading.  Please ask your child questions about what they are reading. 


Did you know? Reading 30 minutes daily = 900 hours   30 minutes weekly = 130 hours  Less than 30 minutes weekly   = 60 hours

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!  

Helpful Websites
Citation Machine (Cite your sources correctly) 
Sentence Checker ( If you are not sure of your grammar, this cite will highlight what you need to change. )
Help in all core subjects
 Homework and Classwork (Class Code will be given)