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Wrestling Mat fundraiser: DIME CHALLENGE

LMS desperately needs a new wrestling mat!! The total cost is $8000.00! Athletic Dept. is attempting to raise money with a dime challenge. You'll see buckets in the atrium, lunchroom and canteen for any looses change. The grade level with the highest donations will get 15 minutes extra lunch. The mats are being dedicated to Coach Porter. Please encourage your students to donate!



10-24 MONDAY: Green and Bling!!!
10-25 TUESDAY: Wacky-Tacky day!
10-26 WEDNESDAY: School Colors 6th-wear red shirts 7th- wear white shirts and 8th- wear navy shirts
10-27 THURSDAY: Tie-dye t-shirts (made in school Monday!!!)
10-28 FRIDAY: Twin Day

If you haven't sent $5 for the tie-dye t-shirt, send it Monday!! T-shirts will be completed in exploratory classes MONDAY!!

If you are not dressed for the theme, you will be required to change into uniform. SO- make sure you dress correctly for each day and follow Chesterfield County schools dress code policy. THANKS!!

Integrated Business Applications I Students

CENGAGE Learning Each student will click on the Student Registration URL. If they have an existing Cengage Brain account (Returning Students) they simply enter their user name and password.

7th grade tested Chemical Reactions

Using Coke and Mentos Mrs. Bosse's classes tested the reactivity of mixing them. They had a lot of fun with this experiment!

* Be sure to click on the heading to see the video. It's awesome!

Real Men Read!

Today was LMS' annual Real Men Read event.
Members of the Cheraw community came to school to read to our students.
Readers included Dr. Goodwin, Mr. Price from the District Office, principals: Mr. Eddins and Mr. King, just about the entire Cheraw High School Football team and their coach- Mr. Andy Poole, as well as businessmen, retirees and pastors from the area!

Thank you to Bojangles and Chris McIntosh for donating breakfast, too.

Gentlemen, come back next year and tell you friends how much you enjoy this time with our students!

"Save Fred" in Science class

This is a science activity.
Students were using problem solving to "save Fred."
Fred is a gummy worm whose boat capsized.
His gummy life preserver is under the boat.
Students must figure out how to get the life preserver on Fred without touching- by using four paper clips.


Teachers have been working hard to create webpages with all the important news from the classrooms!

If you visit the LMS webpage, you can find them under the "About" tab or scroll down the page a little to see "Staff Directory" on the right side of the page.

Scroll through the listed staff members to find your child's teachers and hover over their name. Click on it to open their page!

This is a great way to keep up with the classroom activities and events at LMS!
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