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6th Grade Social Studies

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Welcome to Mrs. Evans's 6th Grade Social Studies Class

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Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  I am honored to be your child’s 6th grade teacher.  We have an exciting year ahead of us!   We will be studying and working on many new and exciting things this year.  We will do several types of graded activities each grading period in order to reach your child’s individual learning style.  We have very high expectations for your child and will do all that we can to ensure your child reaches those expectations.

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Welcome to a new and exciting 2023-2024 school year! My name is Amanda Evans. This is my 16th year teaching at Long Middle School.  This year students will begin learning about World Civilizations from prehistory to present day.  Please encourage your wonderful learners to read, watch videos, browse educational websites, or play interactive games related to World History.

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The grading policy at Long Middle School is as follows:
Tests / Projects 35%
Daily Grades 30%
Quizzes 25%
Homework 10%

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South Carolina Social Studies College- and Career-Ready Standards


Standard 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the organization and transformation(s) of world civilizations to 550.


Standard 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the increased global interactions among humans from the end of the classical era to the invention of the printing press (i.e., 550–1450).


Standard 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the development of the Atlantic World from the invention of the printing press to the Industrial Revolution (i.e., 1450–1760).


Standard 4: Demonstrate an understanding of how increased global exchanges promoted revolution from 1760 to the beginning of the 20th Century.


Standard 5: Demonstrate an understanding of the development of global interdependence from 1920 to the present.

  • Have a positive attitude. Always show respect for everyone in the class. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work as soon as class begins.
  • No food or drink in the classroom. This includes gum and candy.
  • Use the restroom between classes or during lunch.
  • Don't talk when someone else is talking. Wait your turn!
  • Be prepared daily with your planner, notebook, paper, pencils, etc.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
  • Follow ALL school rules and procedures.

1st Offense:  Warning

2nd Offense: 10 minutes Lunch Detention and parent contact

3rd Offense: Whole lunch detention and Parent Contact

4th Offense:  After School Detention with writing assignment and Parent Contact

5th Offense:  Team Meeting with Student, Parents, and administrator

6th Offense:  Office Referral

If at any time during the year you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that communication is essential to a great parent-teacher relationship. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns at any time. You can send a note, an email, or call (843) 921-1010 ext. 1206.

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Social Studies Class Supplies
(1) (1 inch) 3-ring binder
or folder 
(1) Agenda (The school
        will provide the first
(1) School issued 


Other Required Supplies

(To be used in all classes)

colored pencils, sticky notes, highlighters, glue sticks, wide rule loose paper, pencil pouch or box, pencils, crayons, markers, erasers

Suggested Donations:

hand sanitizer, Kleenex,

disinfecting wipes, and spray

Students will receive teacher observation each day to ensure that they are on task and understanding the information and following directions.  Student grades will be based on various activities and assignments in each class.  The following procedure will be used to record student progress:


All grades will be recorded in the grade book and in PowerTeacher.  Columns will be dated and labeled to indicate the type and name of the assessment.  Parents are able to access grades from home by using ParentPortal.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact their teachers concerning any missed assignments.  All make-up work is to be completed within 5 days.

Re-test will be given at teacher’s discretion.   

grade scale

Grading Scale

100-90 A 

 89-80 B   79-70 C    

  69-60 D   59-below   F