Family night, a terrific success!

On the evening of December the 8th Long Middle School students, and their families came together for Title One family night. There they were able to participate in various activities prepared by the different grade levels.
Sixth grade offered a science experiment called Raining Cotton balls and two problem solving activities where students and parents had to work together to solve real life problems.
The seventh grade faculty had an activity that combined mathematics with the scientific method where participants had to  create graphs, design an experiment, and test to see if the theory they designed was correct. Seventh grade also offered a game show experience "Are You Smarter than a 7th Grader", where participants attempted to answer questions from the 7th grade curriculum.
Finally the 8th grade team offered two exciting activities. First a set of Mad Libs where students and their families worked together to create humorous stories by using random words that really didn't fit with their stories. They also challenged students to a trivia contest in three different subject areas where correct answers earned students a piece of candy.
Winter family night was a wonderful experience and we hope that you will join us for our next open house event.