Taylor McGuinn and band students excel!

 Art Award
Teachers from each school level chose one student's piece of art to be submitted for the Superintendent's Art Award. These students in turn were able to attend the art festival. Monday and Tuesday, we had a group of students, one from each middle and high school in the county all working with an artist in residence. Patz and Mike Fowle are artists who create works out of found objects and taught all of the students and art teachers how to create birds. We used branches that were left from the hurricane, paper towels, wire, newspaper, tissue paper, and mod podge to create birds. All of these materials are easily accessible, which coincided with Patz and Mike Fowle's art ideas. We all created an individual bird to put on a small branch for us to keep and a bird to go on a large branch as a collaborative piece with everyone's birds together. These art pieces along with the pieces students submitted for the Superintendent's Art Award were all displayed at the show on Tuesday. The show consisted of fine art, chorus, and band students from elementary, middle and high school. The winners of the Superintendent's Art Award were announced at the show. Our own Taylor McGuinn won the award for middle school for her Op Art drawing.

Pictures are attached of the work we did (students from all schools) with the artist in residence and of Taylor with her art at the show.
Band Performance
19 band students in 7th and 8th grade from Long Middle School were selected to perform at the Chesterfield All-County Arts festival at McBee Elementary. The students practiced all day for two entire days to present a concert on the evening of November 15th.
The Selected students from Long:

Sofia Benthall

Shegun Santos

Jenna Clay

Christine Ruan

Pearson Midgley

Reagan Spivey

Audrey Drummond

Shea Linton

Emanni Meeks

Ciera Johnson

Tristan Moore

Keyana McKever

Cyrus Ingram

Diamond Moser

Tommy Holter

Alex Oneal

David Johnson

Gabrielle Gloster

Jack Johnson