Staff of the Year Announced

"Brittany brings a new culture to the school. Her ideas are always different but fun!!!"
"Although Brittany is new to the school, she fits right in. She has already created lasting relationships with the students at LMS."
"Brittany helps out with all of the different projects in big ways. She brings incentives to our students through her program."
"She goes far beyond her job requirements.  She interacts with the students and the staff.  She is willing to do anything within her power to do.  She doesn't realize it, but she is a natural at building relationships with anyone she's around. Officer Robinson would be an amazing representative for Long Middle School."
"Great with the students. Always there when you need her. Always willing to help any way she can. Trying to make the kids comfortable with law enforcement while also keeping them respectful."
"Brittany has done a wonderful job of building relationships with students. She also coached this year, which goes above and beyond her job. She has really fit in well with the LMS family."
"Always on it for the students and teachers."
"She is dependable and builds relationships with students. Brittany has worked hard to be an integral part of the LMS family, and she fits right in."
"Robinson is an awesome SRO. She is always approachable and friendly. She works hard to resolve conflicts and prevent issues from escalating. She is a valuable asset here at LMS and we are very BLESSED to have her."  
"Brittany goes above and beyond. She helps teachers any way she can. I see her sitting on the floor in the hall helping students with their schoolwork.  She helps students with any problems they may have.  She cares about all the students, and they care about her.  Brittany makes a difference in all lives at LMS."
"Actively engaged with students. Always visible at lunch and class changes."
"Brittany has been a tremendous asset to LMS this year!! She always responds with an easy "yes" whenever we ask her for help with whatever we may need. She's a fresh face with fun ideas to reward the students for good behavior. She has a great rapport with the students and her coworkers. I consider her one of my close friends, and I'm so thankful to have her as a part of the LMS family!"
"Although she is new to our school, she fits right in. She cares about our students and staff. She cares about our safety."
"She is AMAZING!!!  Always available. Interacts with staff and students daily. We are so fortunate to have her!!!!"
"Shes the GOAT and helps out every student and teacher."
Congratulations Deputy Robinson on this great accomplishment and all that you do for Long Middle School!