Announcing our Teacher and Staff Member of the Month for October

"Mr. Miller has started a Robotics Club, which is a first for LMS!! He had two rooms full of students eager to learn what great things he has to offer with STEAM!! He is always willing to assist anyone whenever there is a need! He is forever wearing a warm smile to lift his students and peers when they need it most."
"Mr. Miller is the best! He is always willing to help me (and everyone else) do anything. He is a fantastic role model for our students. He always has a smile on his face. He has started the Robotics club, and the students are very excited about it. We are so lucky to have him here at LMS."
"Mr. Miller is always innovating and working to refine his teaching. He is a positive influence in the school and particularly in his hallway. He is always willing to help out when needed or provide creative solutions to problems."
"Mr. Miller is very upbeat and happy each and every day. He is always willing to let you bounce ideas off him or has ideas to bounce off others. He is regularly encouraging of change/improvement in others and regularly improves his classes and his knowledge."
"Ms. David works every day to make sure our school is clean and presentable.  She takes pride in keeping her part of the building in tip-top shape and regularly jumps in to help in other areas when needed.  Ms. David also helps with students.  She addresses behavior issues with students and expects the students to meet expectations.  She goes above and beyond for our school."
"Ms. David treats staff and students with the utmost respect and does her duty diligently."
"Ms. David is willing to help in any way she can. She came to my classroom to help with some classroom management issues. She left her hall to help clean up my room after a long day."
"Ms. David is super supportive with everything that others have going on, she is always doing more than what needs to be done."
Thank you both for being such amazing shining stars in this building!
We are so fortunate to have you here at LMS! ⭐️❤️️