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Hey Parents and students,

First I just want to say I am missing my babies.  This is very hard for me not to see them everyday.  During these uncertain times I just hope everyone stays save and healthy.  I am attaching to my page notes and diagrams that the students may use for the information in their packets.  There will be information on plant and animal cells along with the the body systems.  If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 




Students will receive teacher observation each day to ensure that they are on task and understanding the information and following directions.  Student grades will be based on various activities and assignments in each class.  The following procedure will be used to record student progress:


All grades will be recorded in the grade book and in PowerTeacher.  Columns will be dated and labeled to indicate the type and name of the assessment.  Parents are able to access grades from home by using ParentPortal.
It is the student’s responsibility to contact their teachers concerning any missed assignments. All make-up work is to be completed within 5 days.
Re-test will be given at teacher’s discretion.


Grading Scale

100-90 A    89-80 B    79-70 C    69-60 D   59