1. Come into class quietly.

2. Be prepared daily with needed materials (pencil, book, notebook, homework, agenda, IR book, charged Chromebook).

3. Students are to have agendas at all times. No one will leave the class without the agenda.

4. Be in your seat when class is scheduled to begin.

5. Raise your hand to ask/answer a question.

6. No cell phones in any classroom. Cell phones need to be put in your locker before homeroom.  

7. Show respect, do your best, and be honest.

8. Obey ALL Long Middle School and District rules.



1st offense - Verbal warning

2nd offense - Verbal warning with Parent Contact

3rd offense - Team Meeting with student and/or After School Detention

4th offense - Meeting with Parent/Student/ Teacher/Administration

5th offense - Referral to the Office*

I am starting my 22nd year with Chesterfield County School District. The past 14 years dedicated here to Long Middle School teaching 6th & 8th Grade Science. I am excited about the new students, curriculum and experiences this year will bring. 
Contact Information:
ext 1308
Please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as I can
OR e-mail me at
I am available most mornings from 7:00-7:15; my planning time is Monday and Wednesday-Friday from 9:20-10:30.
Grading Policy
Grades will be calculated using Total Points.