Long Middle School

Language Arts



Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Terri Garrell.   This is my 23rd year teaching. This is my 16th year at Long Middle School. I received my Bachelor’s (Elementary Education) and Master’s (Instructional Accommodations) degrees from Francis Marion University.   I currently reside in Cheraw with my husband of seventeen years.  During my spare time, I enjoy traveling, shopping, and spending time with my family.



Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday each week.  Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night.  Written homework will also be assigned and is due the following day.






Read 20 Minutes and complete daily reading log with three sentences.


Subject/Verb Agreement


Read 20 minutes

Daily reading log with three sentences.


Remember to bring $15 to $20 for food. 



Capital Letters and Misspelled Words




Read 20 minutes 

Daily Reading log with three sentences.


Field Trip to Renaissance Festival. 



Spiderman Spelling Game





Read 20 minutes 

Daily Reading log with three sentences.



Reading log due on Friday.




Punctuation Game







Students will be expected to…

  • Have their independent reading books with them daily in ALL classes.
  • Be an engaged reader during assigned class reading times.
  • Participate in book discussions and teacher reading conferences.
  • Be able to discuss their book in detail during conferences and discussions.
  • Read appropriately leveled texts from the classroom or school library (can also be brought from home).
  • Complete and turn in weekly reading homework sheet.

Language Arts Supply List

  • ½ inch to a one binder with 3 subject dividers
  • Flash Drive
  • 3 pronged folder
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pencils (If you have lead pencils, be sure to have enough lead.)
  • Pencil Pouch
  • Highlighters
  • Post-it notes
  • Crayons or colored pencils (optional)

Field Trip to the Renaissance Fair

October 11, 2017


Students will need approximately $15 to $20 for lunch.