Mrs. Coleman's Math Class


Welcome to 7th Grade


Homework Policy- Important Please Read

Dear Parents,     I have written this letter to answer any questions you may have regarding homework for the 2021-22 school year.  Please read this letter; discuss it with your child; and sign the attached signature sheet and return.  This letter will remain in your child's binder.

      Homework is important because it is a valuable tool in helping students makes the most of their experience in school.  Homework reinforces what has been learned in class; prepares students for upcoming lessons; teaches responsibility; and helps students develop positive work and study habits.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. It may be written or studying for an upcoming test or quiz.    Homework will be recorded on my voice mail.  My number is 921-1010 ext. 1111.     

     I expect students to do their best job on all assignments. Homework will be assigned from the math workbook or as a printed sheet. The workbook should be kept in the math binder.   All work including homework should be neat and done in pencil, or it will not be accepted. Students must show their work on all homework/class work/tests etc., or it will result in a lower grade. An example of how work should be shown in class.  Reports can be handwritten or typed. I expect all homework to be completely finished before entering class. There will be no less than 20 homework assignments each nine weeks. Each time a homework assignment is missed; five points will be deducted from the homework average. Homework will count 10% of the nine weeks grade.      

      I will keep a record of completed homework assignments. A homework average will be given at interim and the end of the nine weeks to reflect the number of assignments completed.  I will support good homework habits by giving praise and other incentives. If students choose not to do their homework, they will not be prepared for the next day's lesson or quiz; parents will be contacted;   detention may be given; and ultimately the student’s grade will suffer.       Parents are the KEY to making homework a positive experience for their children.  Therefore, I ask that you make homework a priority at home; provide necessary supplies; provide a quiet homework environment; set aside a time everyday when homework should be done; provide praise and support; not allow your child to avoid doing homework; and contact me if you notice a problem. Thank you for your support.